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Relieving Pain with Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is a great idea, especially for joint pain relief methods. Joint pain is one of the most common ailments people suffer from, and almost everyone seems to be looking for new and different ways to alleviate their pain. There are many home remedies out there that promise relief, and many of these may work for some people. But what about those that don’t? Are there alternative, stem cell therapy treatments available? We’ll answer that question in this article and go over some of the benefits stem cells have to offer.

Stem Cells

The main benefit stem cells offer is that they provide a more natural, non-invasive way for the body to heal itself. Stem cells can be found all over the body, in bone marrow, umbilical cords, and liver. In fact, a stem cell actually doesn’t serve the human body at all, but it can grow into a new cell that does, like a bone or cartilage cell. Platelet-rich plasma treatment Charlotte NC is skilled in this method of pain relief. This provides the patient with a more natural way to repair their bodies and avoid surgery and other more invasive, risky treatments.

Pain Relief

Another benefit stem cell therapy offers is the use of osteoarthritis pain relief. Osteoarthritis affects millions of people around the world and can cause great pain and damage to joints. Stem cell treatment provides a less invasive, less harmful method of pain relief, and can help patients overcome their arthritic condition. This procedure is not recommended for everyone due to the potential risk of infection, bleeding, and reactions to anesthetics. Before undergoing this procedure, patients should speak with their doctor thoroughly about possible risks and benefits.